Amazing Race 13

The Amazing Race (number 13 if you’re counting) will premiere September 28th. I love this show, especially seeing all the different relationships and interactions.  Past contestants have gone over the edge with the world watching.  


Terence and Sarah have been dating for almost a year, but they couldn’t be more different.




Marisa and Brooke are best friends, who want to prove to the world that they’re not just cute blondes but also cut-throat competitors.



Andrew and Dan are frat brothers from Arizona State University.



Aja and Ty are a long-distance couple looking for an opportunity to be together for a period of time. Testing your relationship on the road doesn’t seem like a good idea.



Mark and Bill BFFs for 23 years plan to play the game strategically.



Toni and Dallas are mother and son who haven’t seen much of each since Dallas has been away at school.


Nick and Starr This brother/sister team will stop at nothing to win the Race.



Anita and Arthur have been married for 14 years, so the race should be a piece of cake.  It’s just another big adventure for the open hearted and free spirited couple.


Kelly and Christy are best friends that will not settle for second place.


Ken and Tina a married couple that have been separated for nine months, but they’re looking to put their relationship back together.  


Anthony and Stephanie Back together again after a year-long break-up, Anthony says he will propose to Stephanie if they make it through the Race.





The Amazing Race


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  1. […] The Amazing Race premieres September 28th with more pairs battling to come in first.  I like the way the Amazing Race picks all sorts of pairs, couples, friends, parents and children and even divorced couples. It’s interesting to see how they all interact.  […]

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